Ben Stubbington | About

Born in Portsmouth, UK. Studied Art and Design. In 2000 Graduated with a BA Honors in Fashion and Print at The University of Brighton, UK.

Ben creates art in tandem with working in fashion design in New York.

Now residing in Brooklyn, New York since 2000.

Painting and Sketches

Influenced by caught moments in time, a struggle, a fight, a relief, a movement, sensation, an impulse, a battle.

A non-permanent marking being made permanent. A freeze frame.

Studies of refractions of light and their movements over time influence the work. Re-occurring symbols and shapes that move from one painting to the next, but in very different application.

A free flowing form that is conjured from the subconscious.

A color struggle of good and evil or just that of survival, a feeling of repetition. Layers of texture built up and the juxtaposition of resin encapsulating the finished work, encouraging unevenness on one painting and smooth clean surface on the next.

Marks that create a path, tension and a survival instinct.


Paintings: Canvas / Paper and wood block. Acrylic, Spray Paint, Pencil, Markers, Ink, Resin, Enamel, Laser Etching

© Ben Stubbington 2013